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State Budget Advocacy Needed Now

State Budget Advocacy Needed Now

As the lengthy 2009-2010 PA State Budget deliberations drag into their third week past the 30 June deadline, we need to continue our strong advocacy.img_19011

Please contact your state representative (if you do not know whom that is please visit or call Sally Jo (412) 456-1877 x203) and tell them:

  • “It most definitely is raining in Pennsylvania.  It is time to tap into the state’s “Rainy Day Fund.”
  • We must not balance the state budget on the backs of the most vulnerable.
  • Maintaining programs that assist persons to live independently and participate in community are significantly  more cost-efficient than cutting those services and relying on institutionalized care.


Please click on the following link and download, then copy the “It’s Raining!” Letter.


  1. Add the name of your state representative.
  2. Sign your name.
  3. Put in envelope.
  4. Address to the Harrisburg office of your state representative (to help locate the office visit or call Sally Jo (412) 456-1877 x203)
  5. Include your name and address in the upper left corner of the envelope.
  6. Stamp.
  7. Send.



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