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Essentials for Community

Essentials for Community

I admit it… my core, I’m small town.  I was born and raised in Freeport, one of the many river towns that mark the region. In many ways, it remains a town worthy of a Rockwell painting. 

 We have the essentials for community: a strong school district (Go Yellowjackets!); a grocery store; police and fire departments; places of worship;  adequate housing; a shared history; parks and playgrounds; annual community festivals;  local doctor and dentist offices; and a hospital that has been there for generations. 

What makes a community? 

How does a particular neighborhood’s wellness (or lack thereof) impact the health of the entire region?

How do we restore identity to the countless neighborhoods who have never filled the emptiness of closed mills?

Do we have a larger responsibility to revitalize the region’s neighborhoods?

Indeed, what’s in it for us?

Join us in the conversation. 

Ask questions of your own.

Work with us to find the answers.


  1. Damitra Y. Penny 8 years ago

    I think that people make the community. I remember in the seventies, watching as my mom fought to get us a playground and the joy on all of our faces when it was complete. The difference between then and now is that most elected officials don’t care about what people in the communty want or need. What happened to asking us what it is we want and helping us achieve the goals that we set. I do believe that the time is coming when the people will be heard, but only if we get out and vote. Did you hear about the numbers of people who did not vote in our recent election? Shame on us. I did vote, by the way.

  2. Author
    siteadmin 8 years ago

    People are the community and it is true we, the people, have to do more than just talk a good game — we need to actively advocate; visit, write, and form relationships with our elected officials; and, most definitely, vote. Community is what we build…each one of us.

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