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If you build it, will you fill it?

If you build it, will you fill it?

The march of time often leaves in its wake abandoned buildings….churches whose membership no longer warrants massive buildings and empty stores no longer financial viable.  This reality brings with it a key question: What to do with the buildings?

The announced closing of the UPMC  Braddock Hospital creates critical questions demanding serious answers because of the impact of the closing. Along with the local YMCA, the hospital houses the only ATM and the only restaurant in Braddock.

Perhaps the most important question needing answered is how to best utilize the building to the most benefit for Braddock?

Just as an important an inquiry is what is the responsibility and what should be expected and delivered by UPMC in light of this closure?

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  1. Linda Warman 9 years ago

    They should keep it open, for according to Comcast website news, the Health Care plan has been passed 220 to 215 only 5 votes spread. With those unable to afford health care will be able to get it with federal help and that will cause the need for more room in any hospital waiting rooms and doctors office. So if UPMC closes Braddock Hospital then they are the fools.

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