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Could you be my neighbor?

Could you be my neighbor?

Today was a great day in the neighborhood as Pittsburgh dedicated the Mr. Rogers statue….I made it a point to attend and found myself a bit misty-eyed.  Sometime very soon, do make it a point to visit the statue….spectacular!

As the chorus of “Won’t you be my neighbor?” echoed from the statue and over the Ohio river, I found myself hoping that this newest edition to the North Shore and to our city will cause us each to determine exactly what we mean by neighbor.

Yes, we Pittsburghers take great pride in claiming Mr. Rogers as one of us  and we boast about our neighborhoods, yet are we still doing our part  and exercising our “response-ability” (spelling intentional..think about it) to make sure every community can remain viable? Are we actively advocating for and working to provide the resources, rights, and respect so each one can have an honest choice to live in the neighborhoods and communities of  one’s choosing?

Mayview, Braddock, budget cuts, programs lost, higher walls and smaller screens to distance ourselves one from another…..never before have we needed this tangible reminder that, yes, we are each neighbors and to quote the poet W.H Auden, “We must love one another or perish.”


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