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At the Movies

At the Movies

So, it’s Friday and that means new films opening (for we Pittsburghers it’s also the start of the Three Rivers Film Festival) and time to go to the movies!

Because I believe in the power of story and because our movies are our modern day storytellers, I am constantly on the watch for films that can be used to instruct and start a conversation. We have compiled and will post very soon our list of films and study guides that highlight issues of persons with disabilities.  Get ready!

Along with “Children of a Lesser God,” “My Left Foot,” “Murder Ball,” and “Canvas” (each a classic) what other films would you add to the list? 

On another note, how are persons with disabilities portrayed in cinema? Why and what does that say in the ongoing efforts to bust stigma? What are films with positive portrayals?

Your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Speaking of movies, how are folks finding the rear window captioning feature at the Waterfront?   

Watch for the posting of “Rev Sal’s Cinema Selections” and let us know what you are thinking.


  1. Keri 10 years ago

    I think a field trip to the movies is in order, can you get on that please?

  2. Author
    siteadmin 10 years ago

    I most definitely concur. As part of “Rev Sal’s Cinema Selections,” I believe we also need to begin in earnest “Rev Sal’s Cinema Society” — would you be interested in being a founding member?

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