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When history calls, history calls.

When history calls, history calls.

If you haven’t heard, big news was made in the health care reform world over the weekend.  The U.S. House of Representatives has passed health care reform legislation by a vote of 220-215.  This is a historic moment for health care reform advocates, those who have shouldered the burden of our currently flawed system, and for every American who stands to benefit.

There are a countless number of little, exciting political nuances that took place before we got to the vote that would make for an interesting (and admittedly dorky) conversation.  However, there is something much bigger that was at stake with the passage of HR 3962.

For arguably the first time since the passage of Social Security in 1965, our legislators stood up and said that the health and well being of Americans is of utmost importance.   Even more so than the “well being” of health industry interests.  Our legislators finally said that the wealthiest county in the world can not justify having tens of millions of working Americans not be able to afford quality health insurance.

Although this is the furthest we’ve come in the legislative process to passing meaningful health care reform, the fight is by no means over.  Everyone’s eyes will now turn to the Senate as the Democratic leadership continues the scramble to come up with the “filibuster proof” 60 votes needed to continue.  We’ll continue keeping watch to see if our legislators over come divisive party politics by staying the course and passing health care reform that will help millions of Americans.


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