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Held Accountable

Held Accountable

Consumer Health Coalition and the Pennsylvania Health Access Network helped to organize a rally today outside of Congressman Jason Altmire’s Office in Aliquippa, PA to let him know that people in his district are upset with his vote against health care reform in the House over the weekend.

About 50 people showed up in the middle of the day outside of the city of Pittsburgh to let the Congressman know that it is not acceptable to support the status quo and vote against legislation that would help thousands of uninsured people in his district receive quality, affordable health insurance.  Folks pointed out that the income tax that the Congressman was staunchly opposed to would have impacted 0.3% of the households in his district.  People also voiced their personal health care stories and told the Congressman that he needs to put political issues aside because this is a life or death issue for too many people in his district that needs to be addressed NOW!

However, the crowd also expressed the fact that they are hopeful that the Congressman will support health care reform next time it comes back around for a House vote and that they will be watching to see what side he falls on next time.  Look back to the website tomorrow to see the coverage of the event by KDKA, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Beaver County Times.


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