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Our voices we heard. Loud and (almost) clear.

Our voices we heard. Loud and (almost) clear.

Yesterday we blogged about an event that the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) helped to organize to let Congressman Altmire know that he needs to stand with the constituents of his district and pass health care reform A.S.A.P.  With the help of its community partners, PHAN was able to help organize a great event that helped to put us on the map in the district and solidify the presence of a strong consumer health advocacy group in fourth congressional district.

We also received great media coverage from yesterday’s event from multiple sources.  The only problem with this was that the news decided to highlight the more “frustrated” portions of the rally and not the fact that everyone in attendance was hopeful that the Congressman would ultimately support his constituents and vote to pass health care reform when it comes back to the House.

With the coverage we received we were even able to garner a direct response from the Congressman himself on KDKA:

As I said earlier, I don’t know that the tone of the coverage was necessarily representative of the event as a whole.  However, one thing is very clear though, this was a victory for supporters of health care reform and the Congressman now knows that many in his district will stand with him if he does the right thing and eventually corrects his mistake by voting for meaningful health reform

Here also is the coverage by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Beaver County Times:


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