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Health Care Summit

February 26, 2010   Comments Off on Health Care Summit

What, if anything, was accomplished at yesterday’s Health Care Summit and what are next steps?  Read the article

Childhood Obesity

February 24, 2010   Comments Off on Childhood Obesity

With First Lady, Michelle Obama’s commitment to this issue there has been lots of articles “hitting the presses.”  In the current issue of a “TIME” Magazine is the following article.,8816,1966466,00.html#

The President’s Pre-summit Proposal

February 23, 2010   Comments Off on The President’s Pre-summit Proposal

Medicaid Cuts

February 22, 2010   Comments Off on Medicaid Cuts

As state legislatures and governors begin the difficult work of arriving at their 2010 – 2011 budgets, the following story about the impact of medicaid cuts in California is a haunting harbinger of what could be a painful reality for many states around the country.  Read more:

The need for health care reform

February 20, 2010   Comments Off on The need for health care reform

Paul Krugman reflects on how California is yet one more example in the long list of clear reasons to reform health care.  Read more here:

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