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Back to blogging

Back to blogging

I always enjoy the beginning of a new month; it’s like a renewal, a clean start, a book with blank pages waiting to be filled. That said, I decided to get back to blogging and am determined with the discipline to make this a daily to-do.

Appropriately, February 1 is the birthday of several famous persons. One of my favorite actresses, Laura Dern was born on this day. So was Rick James.  Alas, I’ve not viewed a recent Laura Dern movie and there is nothing about me that even whispers brick house, nor super freak. 

However, today, 1 February, is the birthday of poet, Langston Hughes. Quoting from one of his most famous efforts:

Hold fast to dreams,

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

With a new year that still has the dew on it and as national and state budgets are nearing release, what are the dreams you have?  What are your dreams for the disabilities community? Health care reform? A government of, by, and for the people?

Make the daily CHC blog a part of your daily to-dos. 

Our job is to write something worth reading and that causes a response.

Your job is to respond; write something, tell us what you are thinking.

We both do our parts and this blog will be blazing!


  1. Keri 10 years ago

    excellent entry. love the rick james notation…you super freak.

  2. SJ 10 years ago

    Thanks! Indeed, I am SUPER freaky….sigh……

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