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Empowered Consumers

Empowered Consumers

Education and empowerment of consumers is where it’s at. To build a strong, lasting, and impacting consumer movement one needs a solid base of consumers who speak of and from their experience and serve as mentors.

This past Sunday, 31 January 2010, we launched the ACADEMY OF EMPOWERED CONSUMERS to rave reviews and enthusiasm for what will come of this endeavor.

Ultimately, our goal is to have persons educated about our “Being a Proactive Patient Guidebook” go out and speak to groups about how the guide has helped them be proactive in regard to all of their health care needs and to share stories of times when they displayed outstanding proactivity in dealing with medical professionals who fail to listen, seek to segment care, and rush through appointments leaving little time for questions or dialogue.

As the ACADEMY moves forward the impact a class of empowered consumers will have upon both peers and physicians is outstanding.


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