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Who wears the target?

Who wears the target?

I concur, we are in tough times, and…, I’m not talking about the record setting snow fall.  The economy continues to struggle and that mixed with budget season means decisions will be made on what to cut and what to fund.

You’ve heard it said before, and I do believe that a budget (personal, organizational, state, or federal) does reveal what we value, what matters.

To put it another way, view the budget as a mirror revealing what matters. That said, I am troubled by what our current state budget reveals about Pennsylvanians.

From places of fear and needing someone to blame and to loathe, we have placed that target on the backs of the most vulnerable and those made poor: the vulnerable elderly, persons with disabilities, and people living far below the poverty line.

Read the following article from the Philadelphia Inquirer

Now…..tell me what you’re thinking………


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