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Staying Power

Staying Power

July is still new and on this Friday of a long holiday weekend with the sun shining, the cool breeze blowing, and a beautiful day in our neighborhood, I am inspired to blog, baby, blog.

My hope in this daily, brief, blog is to offer insight, lessons learned, and struggles ongoing in the day-to-day of this advocate.  I invite you to read and reflect and to respond.

As another state budget season comes to a close, albeit, a long and drawn out conclusion that awaits the governor’s signature and the end of some last minute partisan bickering; the first advocacy lesson learned is the need to show up and keep showing up.

Lesson #1:  95% of advocacy is showing up.  It’s being present and being constant and remaining when everyone else would have expected you to go home already. Stay.

I applaud each and everyone who in these last couple of months signed a post-card and asked others to sign; who called their elected officials and kept making calls; who visited a legislator’s office and added their pretty faces and powerful stories as the “WHY” behind the issue; who made signs and chanted and cheered at the rally. 

 The issue of showing up and staying is an appropriate first lesson on this July 2nd for on this date in 1964 the Civil Rights Act was signed into law.  Talk about a long, hard journey…..

Fellow advocates, journey with me.  When we are together, the staying in the battle, seems, somehow, easier to do.


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  1. Meg Park 8 years ago

    I think another way to stay aware of the issues (none is more important than showing up!) is the keep up. I recently got active on Facebook. I have learned so much from advocate across the county and the world and across disabilites on what other advocates are doing–it is inspiring. It is also a way to have some community when getting out of the house seems insurmountable. Get connected and stay connected in all the ways you can! Together we can!

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