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Do what you say….

Do what you say….


Happy 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act!  May we each make time today to remember and to re-commit ourselves to the work still needing done to make our neighborhoods, our state, and our nation places where all are welcome, can participate, build, and thrive!

Here’s your belated Advocacy Lesson #2: Do what you say you will.

No excuses.  No “but, I….”  No cheezy sports reference…..O.K., maybe just one — I dropped the ball on this one and have spent my time on the bench and doing extra laps at practice.   I said I would do a daily blog and then… zippo.  My apologies.

Indeed, part of advocacy and part of leadership is doing what you say you are going to do.  That involves, thinking clearly about what you say before you say it and making sure you can deliver. 

Advocacy, is also admitting your “oops” and learning what happened and getting back up and starting again.   Here’s a Sally Jo “fun fact” you may not know — way, way, way back when I was a sophomore in high school taking my first public speaking course when I gave my first speech I totally and completely locked-up!  Seriously, I tensed, I could hardly speak, and I was embarrassed as only a high school kid could be in that situation.  As you know, I rebounded from that first stumble over the first hurdle….nailed the next speech….and have been talking ever since………

Look for the daily blog and more advocacy lessons. Share your comments and insights.  Indeed, we do live and learn and make the necessary adjustments.



  1. keri 8 years ago

    Ha. I find it hard to believe that you could ever be without words 😉 Seriously, nice to know you are one of us.

  2. Kathleen M. Papaleo 8 years ago

    Great writing so far! Someone asked yesterday at the ADA Anniversary gig, “How did you meet Sally Jo?” and I replied, “God sent her to me!” which astounded those standing around. Except you. You got it! Talk about a mentor!!??? Tag! You’re it! For a lot of us!! No pressure, though!! Keep posting, blogging, flogging..whatever it takes until everyone get’s it about the Disabilty Community!! All love….KP

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