Kudos and “woo-hoos and way-to-go’s” to everyone who planned, promoted, and participated in yesterday’s very successful 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act! 

In listening to the stories of those who lobbied and labored to bring the law into existence, I was reminded of Advocacy Lesson # 3: Know your legacy. 

Our individual and corporate stories are each woven by others who brought us into the fullness of our being and told us the stories of the journeys we have joined.  It is imperative that for every movement we join, each advocacy we do, and all the justice we seek to bring that we learn, know, and are able to share the stories of those who went before us and were the first to clear the weeds and the underbrush and make the path we travel.

Know your history, folks. Study it. Be proud of it. Make some of it yourselves.


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