Press it…

Clearly, I am in the “Ma am” stage of life….I’m old.  I’m so old, in fact, that I prefer to get my news via a newspaper.  I love newspapers…I love the smell; I love the way you fold it up; I love to see the daily paper sticking out of someones work bag.

Newspapers and the dissemination of knowledge are vital to a democracy; we need an unbiased, fair, and truth telling media.

All these “nice-ities” about newspapers leads to today’s advocacy lesson #4: Work the press.  Be creative with angles on your events so that the press will want to provide coverage.  Get to know your local paper’s reporters.  Make your own press by writing and having printed a letter to the editor — if it’s good, you can get a “run” of folks responding and that raises public awareness on your issue.

Stay informed, folks and make use of the press to keep others informed.


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