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Knowing the flow

Knowing the flow

Enjoying the glorious season of summer by tubing down the Clarion River. Bright, warm sun; deep, tall pines; cool, clear water — bliss.

While afloat and reflective, I am reminded of Advocacy Lesson #6: Know when to go with the flow.

On days when the water is running a bit low, one navigates one’s tube to find the strong current and the deeper water so as to be able to ride a bit faster. Sure enough, there are more than enough times when the water is too low and there are too many rocks and one must pick up the tube and walk (Note: When tubing a good pair of “creek shoes” is essential).

The same wisdom for tubing the river holds true in advocacy.  One must read the signs and the times and know when an issue is “hot” and when is the time to “ride” it for effective change. So too, one must know when to simply ride the current and not push; to wait for the better opportunity to move on an issue.  Indeed, there are times when no movement on an issue means one just rises up and makes the push and sometimes on very rocky ground.

In these next months in this election season (read: when courage and heart in our elected officials are at a minimum) we must be smart and patient; observant and ever ready to know when to move, when to let it ride, and when to  push.



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