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The wheels on the bus go round and round…

The wheels on the bus go round and round…

At yesterday’s hearing on the Port Authority’s proposed plan to deal with a financial shortfall by cutting routes, raising fares, and reducing employees, it was a surprise to no one that the majority of speakers were persons with disabilities, seniors, and individuals living in less-affluent areas.  No shock there. We always seem to go after those deemed most vulnerable.  All the more reason, as the old saying goes, to “not agonize, organize!”

I was most impressed by the speakers who more than pleading for the saving of a particular route, shed light on the systemic nature of the issue.  There is no cancelled bus route that does not impact each and every one of us. Nothing happens in a vacuum.  

Advocacy Lesson #7: Present the systemic quality of an issue and show persons how the issue impacts them.

As for our ongoing transportation angst, the facts are: without a first class transportation system, Pittsburgh will remain a minor league city dreaming of reaching big league status.



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