I am one who gathers and saves rocks from locations that I deem significant. When friends of mine travel to exotic and historic locales, they always bring me back a rock.  Currently, in my car I have a rock my friend brought back from her mission trip to Haiti; the rock reminds me of a much bigger picture and deeper concern than the stresses of navigating Pittsburgh traffic. In a way, my collection of rocks is a tangible reminder of a space that, for me, is  sacred.

With the debate over the mosque near Ground Zero and the proper commemoration of 28 August and events at the Lincoln Memorial, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about spaces and what gives them meaning.  The documentarian, Ken Burns, states, “What makes sacred space is the overlay of experience….sacred spaces have only one goal, and that is to remind us to continue to ask questions of ourselves.”

Advocacy Lesson #9 is: Pay attention and Ask Questions.  Be aware of your surroundings and the emotions stirred there.  Where for you is a sacred space and why is that so?  Be informed and participate in the news. Ask if you believe what is being reported.  Ask if this holds true for you….trust your experience and value your informed opinion.   Do this with all things.

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