Teach Our Children Well….

Today is the birthday of Maria Montessori.  Yes, she was the first woman in Italy to earn an M.D. degree, yet, we know her more for her views on education.

Montessori believed that children had inherent, individual gifts and that a teacher’s job was to help students find their gifts.

As back to school season has officially begun, let us be diligent in our efforts to make certain that teachers focus on a child’s gifts and build from a kid’s interests and passions.  This approach serves everyone well.

From elementary school, let us ask every child what do you want to be?  Let us provide encouragement for every child to pursue one’s goals. 

Children with disabilities need accessible schools and classrooms, it’s true; yet, what is needed most is an open, enthusiastic, individual-interests based, accessible education that gives opportunity.

Advocacy Lesson #10: Be informed and involved in your local education system.  It all starts with a quality education for everyone.

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