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Tonight kicks-off the college football season with the NFL opening day fast approaching.  If you listen to any sports talk radio (I do….go figure) or any of the coach’s press conference you’ll hear a lot of numbers — what’s are ranking?  Who will be the quarterback who runs with the 1’s?  Are the 2’s and 3’s performing well? 

Obviously, the number system works in ranking teams and players in regard to their strengths and talents.

In the advocacy world, we do the same type of ranking system.  Just as Coach Tomlin will refer to the 1’s (the starters) and the 2’s and 3’s, we do so as well. 

When putting together an advocacy gameplan, we will have the persons and groups we designate as 1’s: those who are with us already and our strong supporters.  Next, the 2’s: those who are close and with some work and conversation can be moved into becoming a strong 1.  Lastly, the 3’s: those who appear far from being in concert with us on the particular issue.  The call needing made is do we invest time and energy to try and move them into 2 or 1 status.

Advocacy Lesson #12: Make and update lists of who is part of your advocacy team.   Work with these folks and move 2’s to 1′ and if do-able 3’s to 2’s.  Be honest in your rankings and keep the list updated.  The goal is to grow the base and involve a variety of folks in your efforts.

In the dance of advocacy, it can be as simple as a one…a two…and a three.



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