To the workers….

As already mentioned in this blog, I’m old…..indeed, time seems to go by a lot faster than when I was younger…sigh….Today, marks the beginning of the Labor Day weekend, a marker for the end of summer. 

Enough!  Let’s focus on the reason for this holiday held the first Monday of September — a salute to workers! 

Being the proud daughter of a steelworker, I salute all those who build, who blast, who make, who bake, who wait, who cook, who repair, who teach, who light, who move, who make us who we are.

We need to get back to making things and to manufacturing — though severely wounded, I refuse to believe it is passed on. 

Advocacy Lesson #13: Don’t quit on work.  What is it you are really passionate about? Let’s talk about it and find ways to employ your talents in the work force.


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