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“My team is on the floor…”

“My team is on the floor…”

I am a major fan of movies….love ’em!

To, probably a surprise to no one, one of my favorites as always been, “Hoosiers,” the film about the Hickory High boys basketball team and their quest for a state championship in the early 1950’s.   One particular moment in the film entered my mind today.   Early on as the team is challenging how far Coach Norman Dale will be pushed, the coach benches a player for not following the team mandate to pass the ball (a good rule in lots of things, by the way).  One of the remaining five players on the floor fouls out and instead of putting in the disobedient, cocky kid, the Coach says, “My team is on the floor;” and proceeds to play the remainder of the game with four players.  Love it!

As the majority of minds in Steelers nation turns to fretting over who is our starting quarterback and who is starting and who isn’t, the fact is “you dance with who brung ya,” or, to put it another way, the players on the team, dressed in uniform and ready to play, are you play with.

Advocacy Lesson #14: Don’t worry about what you don’t have…get to work with what you do have!”

Honestly, give me a group of folks with heart and courage and a strong understanding of the “WHY” behind the advocacy we are doing and I’ll go with that group all the way to the halls of Harrisburg, to the corridors of DC, and onward “until the arc of the universe finally bends toward justice!” 



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