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Book, ‘Em!

Book, ‘Em!

No, this blog is not a shout-out to the premiere of the 21st Century version of the television show, “Hawaii 5-O” (never a fav of mine, although, I’ve danced to the theme song.)  Nor, is this brief treatise, a commentary on the criminal justice system.  Instead, as the title suggests, this prose is….about…books.

Yesterday, was International Literacy Day, an initiative of the United Nations that asks that literacy remain a high priority for each country.  Worldwide, the statistics on illiteracy are stark: 1 – 5 adults are not literate, and, 2/3 of those are women.

I agree with this quote from a literacy initiative in California, “literacy is essential to freedom, and change is essential to literacy.”

I do firmly believe that an educated, well-read public is essential to the functioning of a democracy.  I share that belief with, among others, Thomas Jefferson. 

So, here’s what I’m proposing: Advocacy ACTION #15: We are going to be well-read. How? By starting a BOOK CLUB!

Ponder the possibilities:

  1. As mentioned, we’ll help in strengthening the democracy!
  2. We will join with and support and sustain our local libraries!
  3. We can “bond over books” and any occasion for folks to get together and be in community is always a great idea!

We will continue to discuss this further.  In fact, what better way to pursue this initiative, than at next week’s HCPD Meeting on Wednesday, 15 September at….THE ALLEGHENY-CARNEGIE LIBRARY! Perfect!

Let me know what you think…and let’s get reading…..

I do have a first book suggestion in mind and even though today is the birthday of the great Russian  novelist, Leo Tolstoy, I am not suggesting “War and Peace.”  However, I am thinking of a classic of American Literature which celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary this year!  Any guesses????



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