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Celebrating the safety pin

Celebrating the safety pin

Today, 30 September, the safety pin was invented by Walter Hunt, a farmer and inventor from New York.  The name comes from the design of the pin which kept a person’s fingers safe from injury.

So, thanks, Walter!  I’m a big fan of safety pins and daily wear one that keeps my pedometer from being lost (working on that daily 10,000 steps). 

 The other reason for my celebration of the safety pin is for what it does: fastens things together so things don’t fall away or get lost.  How can you not like anything that has that as a purpose?!!?

Advocacy Lesson #18: Make connections both personally with folks who keep you “in the game” and in advocacy with persons, players and stakeholders who have a stake and a say in what are your issues.

In closing, a favorite quote: “Only connect,” E.M. Forster



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