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A part of something…

A part of something…

With all the energy and excitement leading to Sunday’s “big game” between our STEELERS and those ravens, a friend e-mailed me a video that highlights how massive is Steelers Nation.

From all the Steeler bars in seemingly every city in the world, to the Terrible Towel carried by the astronauts to the farthest reaches of space, indeed, the reach of Steelers nation seems without boundary!

Along with the tradition and those six Lombardi Trophies, the reach of Steelers nation is one of the things I love most about being a Steelers fan. Tell me, nation, is there anything better than going to the local “Giant Eagle” on game day and having everyone in the store, cashiers and customers alike, each wearing a Steelers jersey, sweatshirt, or hat!  Love it!

Yes, as a way to get my GO STEELERS! shout out, today’s Advocacy Lesson #19 is: make it a point to belong to something that is bigger than you and about more than just you.

It’s been proven time and time again, we are strongest when we are joined together in a common cause.  In focusing on your “WHY?” make certain the cause is bigger than you — yes, it involves you, yet, it is also about so much more than you.  “Together, we have and together, we will.”



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