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“Write” On…

November 29, 2010   Comments Off on “Write” On…

What a day is 29 November in terms of successful writers!  Today is the birthday of celebrated writers (and many personal favorites): Louisa May Alcott, Madeleine L’Engle, and C.S. Lewis.

I am a steadfast believer in the power of the written word and that a well-turned phrase, a powerful letter, and an impassioned treatise can effect change and start revolutions.

Today’s Advocacy Lesson: Make use of the power of the pen or, the pc. Whatever the tool of choice: Write and write well and write to raise awareness and effect change!

Quite simply…write.  Bothered about an issue? Write your congress person; write a letter to the editor; write a blog; write a poem…..write….write…write.

For a prideful plug: JOIN US AT OUR WRITER’S WORKSHOP on Tuesday, 7 December 2010, 4 pm – 6 pm at the CHC Offices, 415 East Ohio Street.

Bring your paper, your pens and most importantly your passion for the cause!


Huddle Up

November 24, 2010   Comments Off on Huddle Up

‘Tis the season of turkey and football….

As we  prepare to gather together to be nourished as much by our being with as by our tables full of fix-ins to feast upon, the meal and the football games  remind me of the importance of the huddle.

In football, the huddle is a central component of rallying the team and execution of the play.  For Thanksgiving, the holiday centers on home and hearth and table.  In advocacy, we need a place and a space to gather for planning, instruction, and support.

Today’s Advocacy Lesson: Huddle Up!  It’s absolutely necessary for any successful advocacy effort. 

When women were laboring to win the right to vote, they  had their central office headquarters  for the National Women’s Party in Washington, DC which was also the home of suffragette, Alice Paul. During the Civil Rights struggle, persons gathered in churches for trainings and meetings.  

Every group about the business of making positive, effective change has a headquarters, a place to huddle.

When doing effective advocacy, make it a priority to gather together for instruction, inspiration, strategy, and support.  Connecting with the folks with whom you advocate makes the advocacy better because the bonds are stronger.


Medicare, Medicaid quality plan unveiled

November 23, 2010   Comments Off on Medicare, Medicaid quality plan unveiled,0,5175889.story

The Obama administration on Tuesday announced new initiatives to boost the quality of medical care that Americans receive, laying the foundation for what many experts think could be one of the most far-reaching benefits of the new healthcare law…

World comparison shows U.S. healthcare lacking

November 23, 2010   Comments Off on World comparison shows U.S. healthcare lacking

A third of Americans say they have gone without medical care or skipped filling a prescription because of cost, compared to 5 percent in the Netherlands, according to study released on Thursday.

The study is the latest in a series by the non-profit Commonwealth Fund showing that while Americans pay far more per capita for healthcare, they are unhappier with the results and less healthy than people in other rich countries.

Minimum benefits that health plans must offer

November 23, 2010   Comments Off on Minimum benefits that health plans must offer

Preliminary work has begun on one of the most significant decisions in implementing the national health reform law: choosing the minimum benefits that health plans must offer to be sold in the reform law’s 2014 health insurance coverage requirement…

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