The WRITE Stuff

Today is National Author’s Day and National Family Literacy Day and a perfect reason to celebrate books, reading, and writing! 

As mentioned in an earlier blog, the members of HCPD (and any and all who want to join us) are beginning a BOOK CLUB!  Once a location is secured, our hope is to begin this soon — stay on the ready!

I am blessed to come from a family of readers.  My Aunt Florence was a librarian who made certain her children and her long list of nieces and nephews were readers.  Every Christmas an eagerly anticipated gift was the book from Aunt Florence.  I credit her for keeping our bookshelves stocked with every literary effort from Dr. Seuss — personal favorite and, in my opinion, a 20th Century saint!

So, who were your favorite authors as a child?  Ever reflect on the impact those books had upon your world view?

Who are you reading now?  How do words shape you and your perception?

Looking forward to good reading and great conversation with you!


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