Life is dynamic; we are bodies in motion on a planet in motion — movement is what we do.  The challenge is will our movement be forward or backward, or, worse yet, will we attempt to not move anywhere and become stagnant.

With the events of this week, we as a commonwealth and as a country are in the post-election time of transition.  According to Webster’s Dictionary transition means ” a movement, a passage or change from one position…stage…to another.”

Life and transition does not happen in a vaccuum — it happens to us and the decision becomes how we choose to respond. 

In this time of transition, I say remember who you are and your foundation, what are your principles?  Paradoxically, with that as your anchor, move with the transition keeping your attention on what’s important and being creative in maintaining the focus of your advocacy issues. 

As any good coach will tell you, most games are won by the team able to make adjustments.  So, today’s advocacy lesson: ADJUST AND ADVOCATE…..we are still in the game.


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