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If you go to one movie…make it this one

If you go to one movie…make it this one

Greetings, Film  Fans!  Being a major movie fan this is the season for fantastic films. With the start of the holiday season the major releases with the big stars and the Oscar contenders flood the cineplex!

Along with the series of upcoming movies set in Pittsburgh, the one movie that is a “must see” for folks and most definitely for advocates is the documentary, “INSIDE JOB,”  which is an accounting (no pun intended) of the 2008 financial crises and meltdown.

In my opinion, this movie was more horrifying than any Freddy Kruger feature.  It is amazing how deep the greed; how shocking the arrogance; and how chilling the complete lack of concern and responsibility for another.

Advocacy ACTION: Make it a point to attend this movie.  Then, tell others to see it.  Next, call me and we’ll chat….

“Show me the money….” How about show me the regulators and the justice…


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  1. Blog Fan 7 years ago

    This blog entry is great. I saw the movie and highly recommend it. The blog entries are all great, actually, even if I don’t take the time to reply. Thank you for the great insights, clever writing and time spent doing this. Greatly appreciated and keeps me up to date.

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