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Before the bus

Before the bus

If you’ve been on “Google” today then you know that this is the 55th Anniversary of the moment when Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus.  This action, in many ways, was central to building the burgeoning momentum of the Civil Rights movement.

Way before that act of courage and consience on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa had been involved in trainings and meetings; she was an activist-in-the-ready waiting for her moment.

Today’s Advocacy Lesson: Know your history and be ready.  It is vital to know where we’ve come from and learn the lessons from the lives of our heroes and heroines.  Secondly, stay current and keep learning, attending training events, and being ready.  Don’t get lazy nor complacent.

Stay on the alert and watch for your moment to act.  As Rosa Parks said when asked about her action, “It was just time.”



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