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Got your back

Got your back

I think it’s a good thing that with this being Steelers and “the team who must not be named” week, that this is the first blog reference to anything football.

In the ongoing froth and furor over excess penalties and the singling out of one #92, James Harrison, I was pleased that his fellow teammates came to his defense (no pun intended nor needed) and quite visibly “had his back.”

One of the great benefits of advocacy is being part of shared effort with a diverse gathering of people working toward a common cause.  It makes the advocacy work all the more sweet and all the more lasting. 

Today’s Advocacy Lesson: A major part of advocacy is belonging  and guarding the backs of those who also guard yours

When you are in the battle for what is just and is the “right and good thing,” you need to be with people who will go the distance with you and look out for both the group’s best interest as well as your own.  

This effort is a great way to build a strong team and a lasting advocacy effort.



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