Roles and Responsibilities

‘Tis the season for making preparations and getting ready.  We have roles that are assigned and responsibilities that are ours to fulfill.  Folks are relying on us.

In the Snyder family, I bring the dinner mints to the holiday meal; I create a table game of question and answer and discussion that we jokingly refer to as “The Basket of Love.” 

Yet, circumstances and changes dictate a change in responsibilities.  For example, more than mints, I will be cooking the ham for the holiday (all lit candles and calls for divine help are appreciated.)

In our ongoing advocacy around the adultBasic health insurance program (please see our home page for a great letter-to-the editor) the responsibility is, in part, that of the insurance companies (the “Blues”) to fulfill their commitment.  It is also the clear responsibility of our state legislature to fulfill their responsibility in this matter.

Today’s Advocacy Lesson: Don’t let the heated emotion around a particular group or organization cloud your focus.  In Advocacy, always think systemically.


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