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The People’s Business….

The People’s Business….

With the dew still on 2011, it seems as if the phrase to dominant the political speak of the year is “about the people’s business.”  

On the surface it sounds good and stirs our flag-waving, God Bless America, democratic selves.  Yet, in the “USA Today Sound-Bite” culture in which we live it is important to go beneath the surface.

What is the people’s business? 

To put it another, and more easily tracked way, are we funding for the folks?

As the Constitution is read and the debates begin, welcome the opportunity to answer for yourself: What is the role of government?

Being “about the people’s business” makes a really good sound byte, yet don’t let yourself be smitten by the rhetoric.

Pay attention. Gather information. Realize that the only way “business as usual” will change is when we, the people, are actively engaged in the business of the government.  Or, should I have said, in the work of the government….hmmmm…………



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