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You’re too much….

You’re too much….

I’ve received the compliment and I’ve offered the affirmation to another: “You are too much!”  Most often it’s said with a smile and is received approvingly.

To be “too much” of one’s self, too full of mirth, too pushing the boundaries, too confident, and too gloriously who one is perhaps is best defined as “muchness.” 

“Muchness” from the most enjoyable film directed by Tim Burton, “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” is synonymous with one’s mo-jo or groove.  However one defines it, and I so like the term “muchness,” it’s a call to claim who one is and live that fully, wholly, and consistently.

It is a measuring stick for all of us to daily check the level of our “muchness.” I admire and consider it a privilege to work with folks who resist labels, are resilient, and who courageously ask for their place in community.

In this year where it appears much of our advocacy will be of the climbing a steep hill variety, we need advocates who have found and live their muchness! 

How’s your muchness quotient?



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