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adultBasic Advocacy- Press Coverage

adultBasic Advocacy- Press Coverage

In the on-going efforts to save adultBasic health insurance, constant and consistent advocacy has occurred across the commonwealth:





Senator Jay Costa wrote to Governor-Elect Corbett and Legislative Leaders urging the funding of adultBasic:

January 13, 2011

Dear Gentlemen:

As you know, the adultBasic program, which provides affordable health
insurance for more than 40,000 Pennsylvanians, will expire on February 28,
2011 if we fail to act.  I write to request a meeting of all four caucus
leaders at your earliest convenience with Governor-Elect Corbett to discuss
all potential alternatives to maintain adequate insurance coverage for these

The program shortfall is estimated at $55 million. The loss of this coverage
would have a devastating impact on these low income working families who
rely on the program’s health care coverage.

The health insurance program was created by the Ridge Administration and has
been supported over the years by all four legislative caucuses. It would be
unconscionable to allow adultBasic to falter without making an extraordinary
effort to preserve the program and protect those who desperately rely on its

We realize efforts have been made to fashion the extension of health care
insurance for participants through Highmark’s Special Care program.  This
suggestion, while well-intentioned, comes with a premium cost that may be
too expensive for many adultBasic enrollees.

We believe there are other options and would like to discuss these
suggestions with the four caucus leaders.  At this meeting, we would be able
to exchange thoughts and ideas on ways to solve this funding problem.

In order to share ideas and find an alternative that would provide low cost,
high quality health care without jeopardizing health care insurance for tens
of thousands of Pennsylvania families, I am requesting a four-caucus meeting
of leaders with Governor-Elect Corbett as soon as it can be arranged.

Please advise me of your interest in this discussion at your earliest
possible convenience.


Senator Jay Costa


Senator Vincent Hughes
Senator Jake Corman
Representative William Adolph
Representative Joseph Markosek
Senator Michael Stack
Senator Donald White
Representative Nicholas Micozzie
Representative Anthony DeLuca


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