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House Votes to Repeal ACA

House Votes to Repeal ACA

Passage of the Affordable Care Act was an essential step in improving health care in a system that fails everyday to adequately address the needs of our most vulnerable populations.

Our current health care system is a revolving door of patients with chronic conditions whose care is uncoordinated, and individuals who lack adequate health insurance and are forced to rely on the emergency room as their only source of primary care.  A system, which in its current design, results in not only unnecessary and duplicative procedures, but financially ruins families due to its lack of affordable access.  Under the ACA, vital steps will be taken to repair the broken health care system, and an additional 32 million people will gain health insurance and the financial security they deserve.

The ACA emphasizes coordination of care and begins to focus on increasing the quality of care that one receives.  All of us will benefit from this, but especially seniors and those with chronic health conditions. Without the ACA, issues like poor care coordination and inadequate health insurance would continue to plague our health care system.

Since implementation in 2010, several key provisions have already taken effect. Children can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, young adults have access to insurance through their parents’ plans until the age of 26, your coverage cannot be cancelled when you get sick, you can’t be charged extra for seeking urgent care at an emergency room that is out-of-network, and prescriptions are now more affordable for seniors on Medicare. What’s more, health reform is making critical preventative care services, like diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol screenings, available to all citizens with no out-of-pocket costs.

Today’s vote in the House of Representatives says to Americans that the House majority would rather maintain the status quo.  While maintaining their health security, a repeal of the health care reform law would deny millions of Americans the same.

As the ACA continues to be rolled out, we celebrate the millions of Americans already benefiting from the law and the promise of more individuals receiving the coverage they deserve.  We strongly urge Members of Congress to move forward with implementation of the Affordable Care Act and keep Americans on the pathway to economic and health security.

Beth Heeb


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