Here we go, advocates…

At our core, we are all the same.  We each want to belong, to have a purpose, to be respected. 

 It is this belief that anchors the work we do at the Consumer Health Coalition most notably with our Health Committee for People with Disabilities.

 Central to our lead advocacy around the Mayview closing, sale and re-use of property, was the education and empowerment of consumers to tell their story, offer their personal witness, and allow their experience to bear on the decision-making process.  This intention was in every way a success.

 As the Governor prepares to release his 2011-2012 PA State Budget, we prepare ourselves for advocacy. 

 We will do what we have always done in terms of advocacy:

  • We will educate
  • We will be creative
  • We will share our story and the “power of the personal”
  • We will be consistent
  • We will be constant

 In the lead of our advocacy will be the consumer.  Their words, their stories, their witness….our shared efforts. 


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