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Expiration of adultBasic Sparks Lawsuit

Expiration of adultBasic Sparks Lawsuit


14 March 2011

“People who lost medical coverage when the state ended the adultBasic program are fighting back. Sheryl Sears has been a working woman all of her life, but she’s never made much money and that’s why she like other 41,000 other working poor depended on the state health insurance called adultBasic..”

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15 March 2011

“Gov. Tom Corbett and other state officials have been named as defendants in a lawsuit for allowing the expiration of adultBasic, a state health insurance program for the working poor..”

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  1. paul robb 7 years ago

    Kudos to the folks suing Governor Corbett and the state over the demise of Adult Basic. The Tobacco monies were meant to be spent on health care concerns, not something called the Governor calls his Liberty Loan Fund, which we all know is created to do little more than line the pockets of the Governor’s biggest campaign contributors.

  2. Deb 7 years ago

    Today is 4/13/11. 2 weeks ago I had an unexpected medical problem with my Heart. B/P 200/120 , pulse 138. Very High.
    The Hospital’s Emergency Room and Hospital admission helped to save my very life. Now I owe $ 30.000 and counting for 1 and a half days. Adultbasic cut me off and I almost died 2 weeks ago. Now I am supposed to go to a Cardio Dr. for followup treatment. I still have not made the appointment. Any suggestions.

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