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Bringing Birthday Wishes

Bringing Birthday Wishes

Up and on the Megabus to Harrisburg before the sunrise! 

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) turns one this week, we created “ACA Birthday Bags” and are delivering them to our state and federally elected officials. 

We know some electeds will gladly receive the bags and others will probably bag the bags.  However, what they can not dismiss is the fact that the provisions included in the ACA and those already implemented are good for Pennsylvanians.

To help remind them of this fact, our ACA Birthday Bags include:

  • A birthday party horn with the tag, “A healthier America, don’t blow it!”
  • A piece of bubblegum with the tag, “Chew on this: 2.58 million Pennsylvanians are already benefiting from the ACA!”
  • A birthday party hat with the tag, “Celebrate!  You can no longer be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.”
  • A CHC-made foam donut with the tag, “The ACA Saves Seniors Dough by closing the Rx Donut Hole!”
  • Confetti with the tag, “It’s a party! Small businesses receive tax credits to help cover their workers.”
  • A birthday candle with the tag, “With the expansion of Medicaid millions more will have many more birthdays!”

We placed all these items in a brightly colored, cellophane birthday bag and will deliver them with a smile and an ACA affirmation!

Be sure to check the CHC website tomorrow for photos of the gift bags and the day of delivery!

We think it s a great way to celebrate the ACA by doing a delivery of a quality service……..



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