What a day for actors!

Today, 5 April is quite a day to be born if one is considering entering the acting profession!  Born this day are Academy Award Winners: Bette Davis, Gregory Peck, and Spencer Tracy!

Because I have been busier then a phone operator in Steelers nation after Hines  Ward dances (how great was he last night?!!?), the blog postings have been sparse…..OK, downright not in sight….sigh……

However, with Spring comes new beginnings…..and a chance to blog, baby, blog!

Back to the point, with all these incredible actors born this day, it prompted me to finally announce the “Rev Sal Community Organizing 101 Film Series!”

I will be creating and posting movie-watching guides for films that just shout great community organizing in action!  The hope is that folks will use these films in their own organizing work.

The first one in the series will be a favorite film, “IRON-JAWED ANGELS” that every voting American woman should own!

Keep visiting the CHC Website for more information!


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