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Dance Team

Dance Team

So, how good is Hines Ward and his twinkling toes and sparkling smile?

Along with amazement at his dancing talent, I enjoy even more the images of the audience and those waving Terrible Towels!  I love seeing former and current Steeler players cheering him on, their towels in hand.

What energizes me are the images of the essence of team.  To dance well and to win the competition (if there’s a parade…I’m there), the partners must trust and be in sync with one another.  Secondly, you show up and support your team-mate — on the field, off the field, even on the dance floor….you are there for one another.

I admit, I don’t know a rumba from a rutabaga, yet, I do know what makes for a successful team: mutual support, shared joy in another’s success, trust, being willing to sometimes lead and sometimes follow, and remaining part of what you have journeyed.

We in advocacy work would be wise to learn these lessons. As the budget battle heats up and we labor to lessen the cuts and educate the public, we would be wise to join forces and find common and uncommon allies.

May we move our advocacy campaigns with the rhythm of shared strength and mutual support.



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