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Let the Games begin!

Let the Games begin!

It’s the first day of  August. Excellent! I’m one who always likes the beginning of new months — it gives me a chance to renew, to start again, to clean the slate, to get back on the field what had been benched for a while.

Yes, the blog is back. I know….at this point we’ve been to “Return of Blog,” and “Son of Blog,” and now could reasonably do “Distant Third Cousin of Blog;” yet, we are again in the blogging business so let us begin.

This is another major sports week here in our fair city and it has nothing to do with the Pirates (may they find anew their winning ways) nor the Steelers.

I am referring to the 31st National Veterans Wheelchair Games that Pittsburgh will host this week.  Over 600 athletes will compete in 17 different sports.

For we who are long-suffering Pirates fans this has been a gift of a summer as our Buccos are winning and being featured on ESPN where the pundits promote the Pirates grit and grind and heart.  Alas, our boys in black and gold are not even close to the fight, fire, and strength that will be celebrated at this week’s Games.  Make it a point and a “must do” and attend some of the athletic events.

Most of the competition takes place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. For a schedule of events visit this link:

Game on!



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