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Andy Rooney inspired me!

Andy Rooney inspired me!

In the spirit of Andy Rooney, don’t you hate it when a blog starts…goes along….gets some followers… and then disappears much like the vaunted Steelers run defense? 

As for me, yes to both and equally so.

It has been a woefully long time since there has been a blip, a blurb, or a blog on this page.  In fact, when the last blog was posted, the Pirates were still playing and above .500 and the congress was still bitterly divided….O.K. well not everything has changed….sigh.

Well, maybe it was Andy Rooney and his parting episode, or, perhaps it was persons saying they’ve missed the blog; or, it could have been the fact that I not only want to be blogging…I need to be.  I too need to actively respond to my teachers, professors, and congregants who said, “you really need to be writing!” 

Although, there is now nothing left upon which I can vow or promise, I simply commit to do so and will hopefully be joined in the writing by some other bloggers-in-waiting.

Now is the season when thoughts and reflections and insights need to be shared, heard, and responded. 

I am excited to be back in the blog!

I thank you for your grace and will honor your returning with me to many words, wants and wishes…..I believe this particular blog has used all the alliteration I can muster. 

More good ripples to be made….



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