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I was raised in a home were words mattered. There was always a buzz of conversation and opinion sharing. 

We remain a reading clan, and, no shocker, a chatty family who appreciate the quick turn of phrase and the creative retort to a sibling’s teasing. 

Therefore, I celebrate two recent actions that celebrate the power of words:

  • The PA Legislature continues to move toward final passage in replacing the phrase “mental retardation” with the more acceptable “persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” 
  • Janet Minick, a member of our Health Committee for People with Disabilities, exercised her word strength by writing, submitting and having run in the 5 October 2011 of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette an incredible and “spot on” letter-to-the-editor.  Here is the link to read this amazing piece:

I encourage readers of this blog to take similar actions. Words have power and through them we progress and make change.

Write On, my friends! 


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  1. Clara 6 years ago

    I’m encouraged to see these changes. Better late than never, and it shows people someone cares.

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