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Coverage defended!

Coverage defended!

Alas, the Super Committee failed.  Now, we wait for the next dance step in this dysfunctional, disagreeable, and disappointing collection of legislators, whom, lest we forget, are there to work for us……sigh……

For the critical programs of Medicaid and Medicare we remain in defense mode and we continue our creativity as evidenced in our “Keep Pennsylvania Covered Advocacy Quilt.”  If only, a “stitch in time” could save Medicaid and Medicare…….

 Advocates gathered and rallied in front of Senator Pat Toomey’s (he of the failed Super Committee) office and displayed the quilt squares from the western part of the Commonwealth.  Our squares will be joined with those from advocates efforts in the eastern part of the state and the full quilt will be given to Senator Toomey.

 Our vision is that when Senator Toomey contemplates and legislates, he will read these messages from his unique advocacy quilt:

 “Don’t hurt the people that need your help the most”

“Cost shift to states will put us in reverse”

“Help put the pieces of the health care system together instead of taking them apart.”

 We will continue to write, visit, call, rally, and be creative in our advocacy.  Our message is spoken most clearly in the lives of those who rely on Medicaid and Medicare.  Persons like Denise, a dual-eligible, who lives with multiple chronic health conditions and who is fierce in her independence and shared, “I worked hard my whole life, raised my three kids, and I need these programs to continue my independence and to live my life fully. I am not ‘those people.’ I have a name, a story, a life and I plan on living it well and building my community so others can too.”

 The advocacy continues……join us. 



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