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Opinion: Medicaid Murmurings

June 9, 2014   Comments Off on Opinion: Medicaid Murmurings

A great opinion piece from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board. It discusses our work with the Cover the Commonwealth Campaign. While Governor Corbett has proposed Healthy PA, we are advocating for full Medicaid Expansion to help the 500,000 uninsured people across PA.

Mr. Corbett, an early opponent of Obamacare, … proposed Healthy PA, which would allow those individuals to buy private insurance with help from federal subsidies. That plan depends on approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and, despite some adaptations made by the governor, it’s still in limbo. And so are hundreds of thousands of families.

The measure approved by the state House committee meets in the middle. It would allow the federal expansion to go forward at the same time Mr. Corbett is trying to get the OK for his plan.

Likewise, the Cover the Commonwealth Campaign — made up of 130 organizations — today will announce a middle-ground proposal that would allow the expansion to go into effect at least until there is a verdict for Healthy PA.

Read the full piece here.

Rally at the Capitol Building for Medicaid Expansion

June 9, 2014   Comments Off on Rally at the Capitol Building for Medicaid Expansion

We traveled from the city of bridges to tell our lawmakers in Harrisburg that bridging the Medicaid gap will also bridge the budget gap.

Sally Rally

From ABC:

Advocates who rallied Monday inside the Capital said that if Corbett would accept Medicaid expansion, it would solve both the coverage gap and a budget gap north of a billion dollars.

Read more here.

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