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City Council Declares Nov. 19 ‘Healthy Together Day’

City Council Declares Nov. 19 ‘Healthy Together Day’

From WESA:

“In a state with such a rich health insurance plan for children, to know that there are kids out there who are not insured is really a shame and something that we can’t stand by and let continue,” said Executive Director of Consumer Health Coalition, Jason Snyder.

The Boyer Family, who worked with the Consumer Health Coalition to get their 2-year-old son Dawson enrolled in a health plan, highlighted the importance of health coverage for children. At one point the family forgot to re-enroll their son in a healthcare plan, and they were faced with a tough decision.

“We were like ‘Should we go to the hospital? Should we not?’ because of the money aspect of it and you should always worry about your kid’s health first and money second, and Healthy Together has allowed us to do that,” said Melanie Boyer.

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