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It comes down to this: Vote!

November 7, 2016   Comments Off on It comes down to this: Vote!

Go Vote on November 8!

It’s been a long election season, but we’re nearing the end. Here’s your chance to make your voice heard and exercise your right.
  • Know your poll:
    Find your voting location. All locations are open 7 am–8 pm. If you’re in line at your voting location by 8 pm, you’re allowed to vote. If you’re voting for the first time at your voting location, bring an accepted form of identification with you.
  • Check your ballot:
    You can see your exact ballot and decide on candidates ahead of time. You can even write down your voting decisions and take this into the polls with you.
  • Get to the polls:
    Here’s an extra tip: Uber and Lyft are offering $15 off rides to and from the polls with the Promo Code VOTEPA.
  • Tell your friends.
    Share that you voted in person and with social media. Encourage friends to vote too!
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