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#SpeakOut4Health: Ali’s Start-up Story

December 23, 2016   Comments Off on #SpeakOut4Health: Ali’s Start-up Story



Mary Shapiro rallied together with Consumer Health Coalition on a cold day outside Senator Pat Toomey’s office to tell her daughter Ali’s story last week.

Mary’s daughter Ali was diagnosed with the cancer Hodgkin lymphoma when she was 13 years old. Today Ali is 38 years old and a successful business owner.

Without the Affordable Care Act, Ali would not be able to find health insurance she can afford,” Mary said.

Due to Ali’s pre-existing condition, health coverage was an important consideration when she decided to branch out and start her own business. The Affordable Care Act protected her.

“It helped Ali afford the lean years of a start-up, and she would not be able to be the successful businesswoman she is today without the Affordable Care Act,” Mary said.

“Ali understands there are frustrations with the Affordable Care Act, but it would be best for all Americans if Congress viewed it as one of America’s greatest start-ups,” said Mary. “All entrepreneurs know that the first version of your offering isn’t perfect. There’s an expectation you’ll evolve your offerings by learning from the market how to improve, not just kill a business idea out of the gate when it has had considerable effectiveness.”

Mary delivered Ali’s story to Senator Toomey to ask him to represent her needs and make sure we do not lose the necessary protections of the ACA.

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#SpeakOut4Health: Lezlie’s Costly Medical Expenses

December 20, 2016   Comments Off on #SpeakOut4Health: Lezlie’s Costly Medical Expenses


In November, Lezlie Sarver (pictured above) and over 16,000 retired miners and their dependents were set to lose their health coverage through the United Mine Workers of America (U.M.W.A) at the end of the year.

Lezlie was covered under the U.M.W.A. health insurance, and she was faced with the possibility of losing her health coverage. She needed a quality health plan because of expensive needs for her autoimmune disease.

“This is important to me. I need coverage,” says Lezlie. “It means I can try to stay as healthy as possible.”

Consumer Health Coalition Navigators met with Lezlie and more than 325 people who were set to lose their U.M.W.A. coverage in Indiana, Uniontown, and Edensburg, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, these folks had other coverage options available to them. Consumer Health Coalition’s Navigators gave one-on-one enrollment counseling to many of them.

Congress recently passed a stopgap bill that allows the coal miners to keep their U.M.W.A. health coverage for four months. This is great news for Lezlie and the thousands of others who will temporarily keep their coverage.

It is a relief to many people who lose health coverage that the Affordable Care Act makes health coverage options available to them. At Consumer Health Coalition, we make sure people know how to access the health care they need.

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#SpeakOut4Health: Nathan’s Pre-existing Condition

December 14, 2016   Comments Off on #SpeakOut4Health: Nathan’s Pre-existing Condition



When Nathan Daube learned he had a genetic condition that required a liver transplant, health care became a priority to him.

Without health insurance, it would simply cost too much to get the treatment and follow-up care that Nathan needed after his liver transplant and to manage his diabetes.

“It’s not an option,” said Nathan. “I’d end up losing the house.”

In the past, health insurance plans often denied sick people from getting health coverage. “Before Obamacare, they could say ‘No, you had a liver transplant. Sorry,” Nathan said.

52 million adults have medical conditions that could leave them uninsurable if they were to apply for pre-Affordable Care Act health insurance according to a recent study from Kaiser Family Foundation.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies must provide health coverage to anyone without asking any questions about people’s medical conditions. That’s why Nathan now has a Marketplace plan that covers all of his health care regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Nathan receives subsidies called tax credits through the ACA that make his monthly health insurance payments affordable with a fixed income, and he can manage his medical conditions to ensure he stays healthy.

“If you have health care, your health is usually better,” Nathan says.


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Letter to the Editor: Get involved to save the ACA!

December 2, 2016   Comments Off on Letter to the Editor: Get involved to save the ACA!

For a healthier and a more just Pennsylvania, get involved in the effort to save the ACA!

From an important Letter to the Editor by Consumer Health Coalition advocate Sue Etters that ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

In years past, I joined with advocates in the effort to win Medicaid expansion for Pennsylvania. We were successful in getting this much-needed program, which provides health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians who otherwise would be without health care coverage.

Another way in which we were successful was the fact that a majority of people on this advocacy effort of the Consumer Health Coalition were individuals who already had health care coverage, yet advocated from a sense of justice and care for neighbors. It’s that spirit that builds a community, a commonwealth, a country.

Now, it is time for advocates to again take up the charge and defend this most vital program, which serves millions of Pennsylvania’s children, adults and people with disabilities. One of the most successful aspects of the Affordable Care Act was the provision of states to expand Medicaid. The proposed plan to block-grant fund Medicaid would basically eliminate the successful and lifesaving Medicaid program as we know it.”

Become an advocate by joining in with Consumer Health Coalition’s advocacy efforts by calling 412-456-1877, Ext. 203.

Read the entire Letter to the Editor on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website:

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